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Yardgames Activity and Games Ideas



To help give our customers a better idea of how our Parachutes, Giant balls and various other products can be used we have provided some example games and team activities. For the parachutes a comprehensive list of over 50 games can be found in the parachute games book and DVD which is available for purchase under the Parachutes Category of this website.


  • Adobe Acrobat Document Parachute Game Activities Size: (90.7 KB) Downloads: (1129)
    Yardgames Parachute Game Activities - A selection of our favourite games and activities.

  • Adobe Acrobat Document Giant Soccer Ball Games Size: (152.84 KB) Downloads: (1266)
    Games to be played with your Giant Soccer Balls

  • Adobe Acrobat Document Giant Volleyball Games Size: (186.02 KB) Downloads: (1092)
    Fun Activities for our Giant Volleyballs

  • Adobe Acrobat Document Team Walkers Size: (91.64 KB) Downloads: (441)
    Team Games and Activities using Yardgames Team Walkers

  • Adobe Acrobat Document Group Loop Activities Size: (175.66 KB) Downloads: (447)
    Yardgames Group Loop Activities

  • Adobe Acrobat Document Croquet Rules Size: (541.97 KB) Downloads: (1044)
    Yardgames Golf Croquet Instructions

  • Adobe Acrobat Document Toss N Talk Balls Size: (230.6 KB) Downloads: (577)
    Example of Questions on our Toss n Talk Communication Balls
  • Adobe Acrobat Document Jumbo Ostrich Egg & Spoon Activities Size: (161.92 KB) Downloads: (402)
    Jumbo Ostrich Egg & Spoon Activities