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The centuries old board game originating in India, Carrom today is amongst the world's most popular indoor games. A fast paced tactical game of skill and technique, effectively the Indian game of pool, where coins replace the balls and you flick the striker with your fingers instead of using a cue. All our Carrom Boards are supplied with wooden Carrom Men, a Striker, Carrom Powder and the rules of Carrom. They have an internal playing area of 72.5cm x 72.5cm which is the official size. Thicker and better quality ply gives the Carrom Board a faster playing surface. The thicker and harder the edges the better and faster the rebound sometimes called the cannon. The thickness of the frame and the weight of the board is often reflective of the overall quality and sturdiness of the board. We offer three grades of Carrom Boards - A Standard Carrom Board, a Tournament Standard Carrom Board and a Championship Carrom Board. When choosing a Carrom board the most import things to consider are the overall size of the Carrom board, the size of the playing area, the thickness and type of the ply used for the playing surface, the thickness and type of wood used for the edges and how thick the whole board is.

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